The last two sermons

Here are the two sermons from the past two weeks. On March 5th, Steve Dintaman brought a sermon with the title “Let’s Talk About Sin,” which, in his own words “will really bring ’em in.”

Then, J. Mark Frederick brought an impassioned message on March the 12th entitled “The Wonder of God’s Restoration.”


Update 3/16/17: We’ve just discovered that our sound board once again allowed us to record twenty minutes of silence for the past two Sundays. We apologize and will fix this issue as soon as possible.

Two Months of Sermons

After the technical issues in our soundboard that ended the year in 2016, we are finally back to recording the sermons at the start of the year. We only had three sermons recorded in January, but we had four in the month of February, and here they all are.

Remember to click through on the link and download the files for best results.

On January 1st, we started the year with our pastor, Matthew Bucher. 

On January 22nd, after two Sundays without sermons, Steve Dintamin spoke about the healing of Naaman’s leprosy while we passed a bowl of pudding around the congregation.

On January 29th we held a joint worship service with members of Early Church, and Ken Wettig spoke on Micah 6 and the transforming power of Scripture.

February 5th was a message brought to us by Pastor Matthew Bucher about Psalm 27’s question, whom shall I fear?

February 12th we heard from Francisco Machado speaking on the Three Dimensions of Christ’s Temptations.  Francisco and his wife Juanita are in their final preparations before they head into the mission field of Burgos, Spain. Wendell Shank provided the interpretation that day.

Pastor Matthew Bucher spoke on Holiness, February 19th.

And finally on February 26th, D. J. Mitchell shared his own testimony of deliverance.

These were the sermons from the past two months. We plan to do better about posting them closer to the dates they are preached.

This week’s Sermon

This summer has been a hard one for the recordings, and we apologize about that. But the system seems to be back up and running well. Here is Erik Trinka’s sermon from yesterday where God asks us, “Will you Return to me?” in Jeremiah 2-3.

Here is the PowerPoint Erik used during the sermon, if you would like to see what he references.

Have you seen or experienced examples where God is more interested in the relationship than the rules that have already been established?

This week’s Sermon

This week, Pentecost Sunday, we continued out Philippians study with our texts coming from Psalm 104, Acts 2:1-21, and Philippians 3:17-4:9. Our Pastor, Matthew Bucher, preached on “Citizens of Heaven. . .on Earth.”


As a programming note, we will have Yugo and Grace Pasetyo Bringing stories about their work in Indonesia during the Sunday School hour next week and then Yugo will be concluding our Philippians series during the sermon time. All are welcome!