Welcome Sign


Print your own poster for your front yard.  Get a group of friends or your church together and get a local printer to make some for all of you.  Join us in welcoming everyone to our communities.  Make a statement in this time of division about our desire to be welcoming communities.
Just download the PDF, and it is ready to print a 24″ X 18″ sign. Please keep the text as it is when you use this sign. We consider the sign to be creative commons, and we encourage people to print it.   All proceeds from sales should go to a non-profit in your local community as another step in building a welcoming community. Please share where you posted the sign on the Facebook page.  https://www.facebook.com/welcomeyourneighbors

Welcome Sign – Spanish, English, Arabic.pdf

Welcome Sign – French, English, Arabic.pdf

Welcome Sign – Somali, English, Arabic.pdf

Welcome Sign – Armenian, English, Arabic.pdf

Welcome Sign – German, English, Arabic.pdf

Welcome Sign – Hindi, Chinese, Japanese.pdf

Welcome Sign – Spanish, English, Hindi.pdf

Welcome Sign Canada – Spanish, English, Arabic.pdf

Welcome Sign Canada – French, English, Arabic.pdf

Welcome Sign – Swahili, English, Arabic.pdf

Welcome Sign – Amharic, English, Arabic.pdf

Welcome Sign – Hebrew, English, Arabic.pdf

This week’s Sermon

This summer has been a hard one for the recordings, and we apologize about that. But the system seems to be back up and running well. Here is Erik Trinka’s sermon from yesterday where God asks us, “Will you Return to me?” in Jeremiah 2-3.

Here is the PowerPoint Erik used during the sermon, if you would like to see what he references.

Have you seen or experienced examples where God is more interested in the relationship than the rules that have already been established?

This week’s Sermon

This week, Pentecost Sunday, we continued out Philippians study with our texts coming from Psalm 104, Acts 2:1-21, and Philippians 3:17-4:9. Our Pastor, Matthew Bucher, preached on “Citizens of Heaven. . .on Earth.”


As a programming note, we will have Yugo and Grace Pasetyo Bringing stories about their work in Indonesia during the Sunday School hour next week and then Yugo will be concluding our Philippians series during the sermon time. All are welcome!



This Week’s Sermon

This week Pastor Matthew Bucher preached to us on Philippians 2:5-18 and Matthew 27:45-56. The sermon was titled “How We Ought to Live”.

As way of announcements, Monday will be a Kid’s Club Potluck, and Friday there will be a fundraiser for Roberta Webb Childcare Center. Saturday the 7th will be our Spring Spruce-Up day, and all are invited to help clean up and make repairs at church or simply to join us for the pizza lunch that follows.