This Week’s Sermon

Our pastor is back, but in the week of the blizzard he lost his voice, so our message was brought to us by our former interim pastor, Owen Burkholder. The message was “Not your grandparents’ Jesus.” Prepare to have your implicit theological assumptions challenged.

On a related note, next Sunday will begin our Sunday School series that will address racism in these incredibly charged time. All are welcome at church at 9:30.

The First Sermon of the New Year

On the 3rd of January, Epiphany Sunday, we celebrated with the recitation of the entire Christmas story. It’s a wonderful way of hearing the Good News, but something that should be experienced in the setting.

This is the first sermon, though, where Linford Stutzman unpacks the Matthew 2 story of the arrival of the magi.

These sermons are hosted on our church’s google drive, so the best way to listen to them is to right-click and save the file to you desktop. They are rather large, but worth the wait.

A Trifecta of Sermons

So this post has been in the works a while. It’s a shock what a newborn will do to your plans and your free time.

On September 20th, World Peace Sunday, our sermon was brought by our own Matthew Bucher talking about God Overcoming Boundaries through the juxtaposition of Power and Posture. Good luck slouching while you listen to it.

On September 27th, Matthew spoke to us about Enabling Transformation. I still have yet to see that dedicated time show up on my Google calendar.

October 5th I wasn’t able to record. It was morning number 2 in the hospital after my son’s birth.

And on October 11th, John Swartz, recent EMS graduate, brought the message on Jesus’ touching natures. Listen to him weave an episode of Seinfeld into the story of the healing of a leprous man.

Four More Sermons

Immanuel has been a powerhouse fullĀ of preaching in the past few weeks.

First, August the 16th, Our own Pastor Matthew Bucher, rephrasing our understanding of Thanksgiving.

Next, on August the 30th, local missionary Seth Crissman shared about local Kid’s Clubs and storytelling.

On September the 6th, the message was brought by EMU’s own Nancy Heisey. (Note, the sound is a bit low on this one.)

And finally, on today, September the 13th, Matthew Bucher’s installation as lead pastor was done by Charlottesville Mennonite’s Roy Hange, who is also Overseer for the Central District. This recording is long because it continues through the rest of the service to include the installation.


A Summer’s Worth of Sermons

Here are the recordings of a collection of interesting sermons that we’ve enjoyed at Immanuel this summer. Click on any of the links to listen or right click on it and “Save as” to download the file.

May 24 – J. Mark Frederick

June 7 – Maria Hosler Byler

June 14 – Emma Frederick

July 5 – Eric Trinka

July 19 – Beryl Jantzi (from Everance)

July 26 – Matthew Bucher

August 2 – Stan Maclin

August 9 – Laura Aumstutz (from EMU)