Holy Humor Sunday

Believe it or not, this isn’t a joke. But it is, kinda. But, well. . .

So, early theologians had an understanding that Easter was God’s greatest practical joke on the devil, the last laugh in the struggle to save humanity. Therefore, the first Sunday after Easter was celebrated by laughing and incorporating humor into worship.

We did it at Immanuel this week. Carl Kauffman directed worship which was arranges in the pattern of Sunday “School.” We had different classes including a children’s musical instrument band for two songs, and we actually had two different sermons as part of the Speech class.

Here are the two sermons: First, Eric Trinka preaching on Proverbs 30:27-28 followed by Matthew Bucher preaching on Proverbs 27:14. The speakers were given one minute to prepare their sermon after they saw the verse they would preach on, and then were asked to deliver a sermon up to three minutes long.

And we played “Bluff the Pastor” where three stories were read from the Bible and pastor Matthew Bucher had to guess which one was real. See how well you do and our apologies are offered to “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me.”

Here are some additional photos of the morning. Enjoy!2016-04-03 10.33.05

2016-04-03 11.27.072016-04-03 11.24.302016-04-03 10.49.492016-04-03 11.24.25

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